A hundred years of The School Magazine

sm100.jpegI will probably write more about The School Magazine as its centenary year progresses, but for now I want to draw your attention to a sweet thing that happened on World Poetry Day. A number of poets wrote blog entries about their experience of being published in the magazine, and they combine to create a powerful statement of the magazine’s importance. You can see at least some of them by clicking on these links:

Jackie Hosking
Claire Saxby
Janeen Brian
Julie Thorndyke
Lorraine Marwood
Pat Simmons
Rebecca Newman
Sally Murphy
Sophie Masson
Stephen Whiteside
Yvonne Low

I was editor of the magazine for some years, and  (ahem!) am mentioned by one of these poets as a ‘great encourager’. I’m relieved that none of the poets took the opportunity to mention any of my blunders. And I’m delighted that a good number of them have begun publishing since my time.

2 responses to “A hundred years of The School Magazine

  1. And you would have had another poet if this dinosaur-cum-Luddite-cum-poet had a blog up and running. You had some big shoes to fill as editor and you filed them with aplomb….whatever that may be…and with sensitivity and fun. I treasure even some of the rejection notes from editors…including you (re Dan Dog and his ability to type) and Doug Stewart which concluded ‘just shows you what narks critics are.’ Neither you nor Doug were narks…Thanks…and a big hug. Anne


    • Thanks Anne. I just said to someone that my blog entry might lure you out of the woodwork, and behold here you are! It was always such a joy to see an envelope from you in the mail. And of course I’m hugely flattered to be included in the same sentence as Douglas Stewart.


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