Goodbye art student …

… Hello Emerging Artist.

National Art School degrees were conferred today. The Emerging Artist whipped her cap and gown off before I could take a photo, but consented to be snapped before leaving the school.

She says that when the head of the institution handed her the testamur, he said, ‘You look terrific.’ And she does.

7 responses to “Goodbye art student …

  1. Only those who have undertaken serious studies in the time of life oft described as of being of a certain age can properly understand the amount of effort it entails – even when tempered by the passion which generates that need to know … more! Congratulations to the graduate. (And is that beautiful piece of artwork hanging around the subject’s neck be her own original work?)


  2. or… (And would that beautiful … be her own original work?)


  3. I was incommunicado when you posted this. Congrats to the Art Student. I’m so glad she agreed to be pictured – she does look terrific and so she should after such an achievement.


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