Limerick elegy

In honour of possibly the most loved tree in Sydney and scholars everywhere who worked for their higher degrees and never besmirched whole academic disciplines:

The old jacaranda has died.
It witnessed the senate decide
to give Howard, John
a PhD (Hon)
and died from the wound to its pride.

Click on the image if you need an explanation.


7 responses to “Limerick elegy

  1. Lovely, Jonathan! Libby


  2. I was there – in the Quadrangle – just two months ago – heading into the Nicholson Museum – admiring the jacaranda tree’s sinewy-fragile boughs. Ancient trees in Japan would have strategically-placed supports to hold up long branches – against the weight of snow or of wild winds. This tree seemed to have no such need – but I think Jonathan that you have uncovered the reason for “our” tree to topple over. Elegy-by-limerick – this one ought to be inscribed on a plaque and put at this place when the tree is replaced by a cutting taken from it in 2014.

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  3. Thanks Jim. There have been many heartfelt laments on facebook and elsewhere in the last couple of days.


  4. Well done Jonathan … a sad thing but a great limerick.

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