Topical verse

As I’ve been tidying up my old and inaccessible blog, I’ve been reminded that I used to write little rhymes about the political scene. Here are some new ones.


Tony Abbott
is very good at sabot-
age: not so much leaking
as havoc wreaking.

Bill Shorten,
like a rabbit caught in
a spotlight,
keeps his fangs out of sight.

Lee Rhiannon
is no loose cannon.
She’s a principled splitter
and sadly not a quitter.

Double Dactylic

Hooligan Booligan,
Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, an
investment banker who
thinks he’s a wiz,

gave us some hope for a
turn to our politics.
But he’s a fizz.

Georgy-boy Porgy-boy,
Catholic cardinal
stands on his dignity
under arrest.

Is this the end of the
bluffing their flocks that they
always know best?


War, drought, famine, global warming:
have the End Times come to town?
Pouting, tweeting hard, barnstorming,
could the Last Trump be this clown?

3 responses to “Topical verse

  1. Kathy Gollan

    Excellent rhymes! Although content wise I’d prefer ‘Lee Rhiannon/is no loose cannon/Though it leads to a blue/to the members she’s true’, there’s no arguing with your mastery of the form.


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