Caminho de Tiago Day 4

Today was a pleasant and relatively sociable walk from Balugães to Ponte de Lima. A cool breeze made all the difference to weariness levels, or maybe we’ve become accustomed to what after all isn’t a very long walk each day – a little less than 20 kilometres. Here are my snippets.

This would be for the Danish pilgrim to say:
I bought
the three bananas
that were on
the counter
of Talha Viana

and which
you were certainly
queueing to buy

Forgive me
they were delicious
and went so well
with our meite de leites.


Anzac Day
in Rua 25 de Abril, Balugães
nobody notices
the dead swallow


Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote
valderee, valderá, valderee,
thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages



6 responses to “Caminho de Tiago Day 4

  1. Droghte of March not yet perced to the roote in Amsterdam, Jonathan. Hope it’s still dry in Portugal too. Keep the verse and footsteps coming!


  2. It’s meercifully dry so far on our walk, Richard, but the droght has evidently been well perced recently, because everything is wonderfully green


  3. It’s good to hear that your body is adjusting to the walking – enjoy!


  4. Smiling at the trail-ing off (intended) of this piece. The sound of war-planes overhead yesterday – I asked my wife (listening to her daily dose of podcast if she had heard)> Quizzically regarding me – Yes, it’s ANZAC Day?!! Oh, I thought. Right. (In all the senses.) In the afternoon we headed in to Newcastle to see the just released and movingly beautifully docu-movie: “Gurrumul”! As told by his family members on Elcho Island – the Yunupingu and Gurruwiwi families – and all his other friends – including those beyond his clans who travelled with him from his Yothu Yindi days – and beyond – into his song-lines devoted life – and international wings. Ceremony and knowing his life – sharing that life. When the music speaks in our hearts (and mine was overflowing as soon as his voice soared) we are part of his mob (words to that effect told us so – was it an aunt who stated that). I have never felt more Australian on an ANZAC Day than yesterday!

    Since which reading the beautiful commentary by David MARR in The Guardian contrasting the empty phrases of Malcolm Trembler with the words of the French PM Édouard PHILIPPE at the ANZAC Day service at Villers-Bretonneux – which had Tony “stop-the-boats” lauded for proposing the new interpretive Monash Centre there – and was sitting on the front row sidelines next to his good mate “Independent” Derryn HINCH. David MARR said hands-down the French PM gave the more brilliant speech – quoting from the Australian WHEEN translation of Erich Maria Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front (Im Western Nichts Neues) (Aussie translator A.W. WHEEN – to draw attention to young Australians dying in the service of France far from their homelands – turning the soil truly Australian. Into proper perspective. Not dying there for our “freedoms” and lifestyles here! Take note Aussie politicians.



    • I didn’t say it in the post, Jim, but 25 April in Portugal is the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, the overthrow of the fascist regime when the streets were red with flowers and no blood shed


  5. ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Loved your earworms/earwords Jonathan.

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