Daily Archives: 4 November 2021

November verse 2.5: Homophones

There may be a better word for this kind of poem, and it may be much more widespread than I know about. I’ve met it in Toby Fitch’s poetry, and I’ve read one poem by Jaya Savige (‘Coonoowrin (Crookneck)’ in Southerly: 80!). It’s a lot harder than it looks.

My version of the idea is to take an existing text and rewrite it so that the words sound the same, or can be made to sound the same with a bit of distortion, but have completely different meaning, or even perhaps no meaning at all. Please don’t take the quality of my offering as representing the best the form can offer.

I’ve given the original text for this at the bottom in smaller type. I didn’t want to deprive you of the dubious pleasure of trying to spot the original.

I forgot, brought showdirts,
I conned eel with hat.
Bit though's loose.
Eye m'nut, gunner.
Cop's legend hit a stray Lear.
Eye m'nut, gunner:
cope Thetan bee,
have a fast stray lens.

I’ve got broad shoulders. I can deal with that. But those slurs, I’m not going to cop sledging of Australia. I’m not going to cop that on behalf of Australians.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison, responding disingenuously to President Macron’s accusation that he lied