Revolver unveiled

The corner shop is no longer in the making. Whenever I’ve walked down the street in the days since I’ve been home there have been people inside, sitting at the bench by the window and at the table outside in the sun. Clearly Rod’s understanding of his potential market was sound. I caused a terrible racket by walking past with Nessie on the lead; she remained virtuously silent (I don’t mention the aggressively stiff tail) and let the two little dogs parked at the door go spare with rage that she should exist. This morning for the first time I actually went inside, noting as I did that people were arriving by car to have their breakfast coffee  Naturally, I took a camera.





5 responses to “Revolver unveiled

  1. Hi Jonanthan. I have just discovered your blog. I came to it through Patrick Gale’s website where I have just left a review of Notes from an Exhibition posted at my blog

    I really enjoyed your comments on Notes, I liked what you said about four dimensional solidity. And I too felt drawn to Quakerism, its meditative silence seemed so appealing. I’ve only had a chance to have a quick glance at your posts but am intrigued and will be back.

    Regards, Saffia


  2. Welcome, Saffia. I enjoyed your discussion of the book too — especially the way you charted the book group’s responses


  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I discovered your blog while googling for Revolver cafe. I’d love to post a link to

    because the local shop where the cafe is now exists as a scene in my novel!

    Do you mind if I link to you?

    Kaaron Warren


  4. Hi Kaaron. Do please link away!


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