Sculpture by the Sea

It’s that time of year again in Sydney. The jacarandas are in bloom, the first cicadas are shockingly loud, the weather lurches from chilly to sweltering from one day to the next, and the cliffs between Bondi to Tamarama have become a sculpture gallery. Richard Tulloch has already reported, with fabulous photos, on this year’s Sculpture by the Sea, but that’s no reason for me not to tell you, again, what I saw there, and post an album of phone photos (yes, we forgot to take a camera).

We went this afternoon to avoid the weekend crush. It was far from crowded – the joggers were hardly inconvenienced at all.

As I’m writing the captions for those blurry, poorly composed photos I realise that I could have spent much longer on that walk. For instance, there’s a brightly coloured little house that I’m told has nasty surprises inside, but I couldn’t get anywhere near it because it was full to bursting with children who had been so charmed by the outside that whatever was on the inside made no apparent impression at all. I could have sat with some of the delicately moving pieces for a long time. There were one or two pieces positioned so as to take the walker by surprise. Perhaps I’ll go back to savour them a little.

The sculptures will be there until 15 November.

3 responses to “Sculpture by the Sea

  1. I’m pretty sure the brightly coloured house you mention is by my friend Jane Gillings. Hoping to get to see SbyS soon!


  2. Nice phone photos, Jonathan. And what did you think of the winning rock? At 91 I suppose the artist deserves a prize for lugging it up the hill into the park, but I didn’t notice any sculpting on it. Or did I miss something?


  3. Misrule: You’re right. It was a huge hit with the young yesterday.
    Richard: Thanks. I liked the winning rock – enough to stroke it surreptitiously, in fact.


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