Patricia Wrightson and Chinese poetry

This blog post is the love child of two recent ones.

Patricia Wrightson was on the editorial staff of the School Magazine from the mid 1960s and was its editor for pretty much the whole 1970s. My acquaintance with Chinese poetry prior to reading J P Seaton’s anthology came largely from poems published in the magazine during those years. None of the poems I could lay hands on were published in the anthology. I think they are all translated by Arthur Waley. They all stand on their own merits, not sending the reader off in search of that which they have translated (not, as I was saying when blogging about the anthology, that there would be anything wrong with that – in fact, from some points of view, a translation should make a reader go searching for the original).

Click on the thumbnails to read the poems and see a little of their contexts in the magazine: Robert Louis Stevenson, Pixie O’Harris, a story about a dog, a Pauline Clarke serialisation, a historical article. The illustration of Li Po’ s ‘In the Mountains on a Summer’s Day’ is by the great Astra Lãcis. The last one, illustrated by Kim Gamble, was published in my day, but I found the poem in back copies from Patricia’s era.

2 responses to “Patricia Wrightson and Chinese poetry

  1. Hi jonathan,
    I wasn’t aware of the chinese poetry strand in the sm … I found this interesting (but was always aware that the magazine presented ‘real’ poetry for children that could also be read by adults)
    … about your comment on my blog – I hadn’t considered a longer piece; I’ve seen a few obits online from all over the world, but surely the SMH already has something in train … how can we find this out? (this is a way of saying, can you ask them?). But I would think Mark McLeod would be a good person to write it; he published her for a time, didn’t he, and would be well up on the significance of her work. It’s a piece that requires a deal of thought …(not that I’d be incapable of thinking it).


  2. I hope you’re right about the Herald, Joanne. I don’t know how to find out either. I agree that Mark would be excellent.


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