M-day minus 6

As we move closer to taking possession of our new house – filling the attic and the kitchen cupboards, we come across little treasures that have been left for us by the lovely people known as The Vendors. There are some small black hexagonal tiles which will come in handy if the bathroom floor suffers serious trauma, several cans of paint clearly marked with the room they belong to, a roll of toilet paper (an act of superb thoughtfulness). And then there are the grace notes: a plastic soldier missing one leg; a dog-suitable tennis ball; and this little putti lyrist on the paling fence:

3 responses to “M-day minus 6

  1. That’s so sweet!
    When we moved into our house in the US, in the 1990’s, the previous vendors (or maybe the realtor?) left us a little vase of orange nasturtiums on a windowill!


  2. I think the vendors loved their house and hope that you do too.
    When we moved to our place in 2008 the vendors gave us a huge folder filled with warranties for stuff like the airconditioner, all the names of paint colours they used – even brochures for their favourite take aways!


  3. These things make such a difference. I should have mentioned the brilliant folder our Vendors handed us — all as you said, Kath, meticulously recorded for us, except the takeaways.


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