LoSoRhyMo #1: Once is a trend, twice a tradition

I’ll let this sonnet do its own explaining. The reference at the start is to these blog entries.

Sonnet 1: Here we go again
My faithful readers may remember
a year ago, in twenty-ten
this blog devoted all November
to fourteen sonnets. Now, again
(let others grow their mo’s for cancer,
or think NaNoWriMo’s an answer
to life’s questions, I don’t say
All Saints or Sadie Hawkin’s Day
should be ignored, or Kristallnacht)
LoSoRhyMo* shifts into gear
with rhymes and iambs. Now no fear
will cause this challenge to be ducked.
There’s work that’s waiting to be done,
but sonneteering’s much more fun.

*Local Sonnet Rhyming Month

4 responses to “LoSoRhyMo #1: Once is a trend, twice a tradition

  1. Great! Reading them is lots of fun too.


  2. Go, Jonathan! Thank you for enriching our November this way.


  3. Ha Jonathan … I shall wait and watch with pleasure.


  4. Oh, you are so clever! This will be a lot of fun.


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