LoSoRhyMo #7: Easier than citrus fruit

mccardey asked for a sonnet about feral apostrophes. What mccardey asks for, mccardey sometimes gets.

Sonnet 7: Lines 5 & 10 dont need any more punctuation to make sense, nor does this title
O hail, thou blithe apostrophe
perhaps the most dispensable
of punctuation marks. To thee
I sing, no ode, but sensible
to commenters demand, a sonnet.
What blackboard hath not thee upon it?
Bean’s, tangerine’s and door alarm’s!
I’ll never live down at The Arm’s.
My not-so-smart phone changes its
to it’s. Oh, what I learned at schools
now shrunk to arbitrary rules.
It must be time to call it quits:
though I have loved you, dearest punct-
-uation mark, please go defunct.

6 responses to “LoSoRhyMo #7: Easier than citrus fruit

  1. Yep … I wish more people would follow the rule “when in doubt, leave it out” rather than try to put it in. I find its absence far less distracting than an incorrect presence. I wonder why that is? Absence where it should be is as incorrect as presence where it shouldn’t, and yet bothers me less? Ah, the mysteries of reading and writing.


  2. I’ve actually memorised this now. You’ve made me very happy…

    Thank you.


  3. mind you, on reflection, I’m kind of wishing I’d asked for real estate…


  4. wg: Yes, my decades as an editor have made me sympathetic to spelling reform and the abolition of the apostrophe, even as I continue to correct add U to ‘color’ and insert or remove apostrophes. I feel sometimes like a priest who has lost faith in god.


  5. mccardey: I’m flattered to be memorised. You could have asked for real estate, but of course I would have been obliged to invoke the ‘sometimes’ clause and decline the request.


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