A reason to read the European Journal of International Law

It’s published one of my poems, making me an Internationally Published Poet

At least for a short time, you can see the whole issue here and download the poem from here. And Oh my goodness, it even has a formula for citing it in learned journals: Eur J Int Law (2011) 22 (4): 1219. doi: 10.1093/ejil/chr097 .

Since my readers are unlikely to read the Editorial in its entirety, here’s a significant paragraph from it:

Poets of the World (of international law) Unite! Send us your poems; encourage others to do so.

Consider yourself encouraged. Poems are printed in a feature called The Last Page. You can contact the journal’s editors at ejil ät eui døt eu.

Later: Sorry, but I didn’t realise the poem is behind a pay wall, and I’ve agreed to their having exclusive electronic rights for 12 months. I guess you’ll either have to pay, or have access in some other way, or wait till November. Of course, you could google “he’d feel safer in a boat with refugees’.

8 responses to “A reason to read the European Journal of International Law

  1. Well done, Jonathan! But I don’t think I should contact the journal’s editors until I’ve learned to make those umlauts and Scandinavian slashed letters on my computer.


  2. Ilearned all that from John Tranter — if you write an address with ät instead of @ etc then the bots can’t copy it. Apparently they can if you leave out the umlauts because the bots are getting smarter by the hour.


  3. Congratulations, Jonathan!


  4. That is a very clever poem. Congratulations.


  5. Thanks Anthony and M-H.


  6. Hooray for you Jonathan! Great work. Congratulations. Big clapping from here.


  7. Wow, that’s a great poem, Jonathan, even if the grammar.of the last line….No, I KNOW, I know….I love the cadence – and the words, of course.
    Congratulations.  Did NOT download the entire magazine, although I’m sure it must be excellent in its own way.
    Internationally published now. Zounds.  Well done.


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