Daily Archives: 30 April 2012

Jennifer and Julia and Nye in the Age

Having complained in this blog almost exactly two years ago that Jennifer Maiden had not turned her pen to (on?) Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, I ought to acknowledge when she does so.

This Saturday’s Age published ‘Poor Petal’, which also appeared in the online Sydney Morning Herald, at the end of the Bookmarks column. Like ‘A Great Education’, which was published in the Age in January 2011, it has a prefatory note: ‘When asked if there was an example who had inspired her as Dietrich Bonhoeffer had inspired Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard replied “Nye Bevan”.’ It’s one of Jennifer Maiden’s ‘Someone Woke Up Somewhere’ poems; this time it’s Aneurin Bevan in Canberra opposite Julia Gillard in an armchair.

I recommend it to anyone who is made uneasy by Julia Gillard’s inscrutable public presence.