Daily Archives: 11 April 2012

A reason to read the European Journal of International Law

It’s published one of my poems, making me an Internationally Published Poet

At least for a short time, you can see the whole issue here and download the poem from here. And Oh my goodness, it even has a formula for citing it in learned journals: Eur J Int Law (2011) 22 (4): 1219. doi: 10.1093/ejil/chr097 .

Since my readers are unlikely to read the Editorial in its entirety, here’s a significant paragraph from it:

Poets of the World (of international law) Unite! Send us your poems; encourage others to do so.

Consider yourself encouraged. Poems are printed in a feature called The Last Page. You can contact the journal’s editors at ejil ät eui døt eu.

Later: Sorry, but I didn’t realise the poem is behind a pay wall, and I’ve agreed to their having exclusive electronic rights for 12 months. I guess you’ll either have to pay, or have access in some other way, or wait till November. Of course, you could google “he’d feel safer in a boat with refugees’.