Daily Archives: 2 January 2013

Blowing my own trumpet …

… or really my own tin whistle.

november_sonnetsIn December, I played around on lulu.com to publish a very slim book of verse from this blog. I’ve postponed mentioning it because I gave copies to a number of people as glorified Christmas cards or end-of-year gifts, and didn’t want them rushing to buy when there was already a book on its way to them in the mail.

But now, here it is, available direct from lulu.com. It’s also listed at Amazon (though don’t be misled, the hardcover edition advertised there is a different book by a different, long-dead, unrelated Shaw). You can see inside the book at both those links.

Not only that, it’s been reviewed in extraordinarily generous terms by my friend, blogger, and sometime commenter on these pages, Will Owen.