Daily Archives: 11 January 2013

Marrickville’s phantom mattress poet(s)

Old mattresses are notoriously hard to recycle – the charities won’t take them because it’s illegal to resell them, and who wants to inherit someone else’s lumpy, stained discarded bedding? Recently a number of these items have been turning up on Marrickville kerbs, bearing inscriptions. Here’s one that I’ve had the presence of mind to preserve for posterity, or at least for the internet. Appropriately enough, it’s leaning against the Shepherd Street fence of Marrickville Public School:


In case you can’t see the image, the words on the mattress are:

1 owner
54 cycles
6 lovers
and a baby boy

As I was taking the photo, a young man stopped and said, ‘There’s only one possible response: If you were single I’d take you home with me.’