Enter the Duck

Whatever the ghost of Rembrandt might think about the state of Dutch art in the early 21st century the arrival of Florentijn Hofman’s magnum opus in Darling Harbour today was a hit, even after the seeming endless and mostly lame concert and tumbling act that preceded it. The figures beneath the yellow banners up on the Pyrmont Bridge are taiko drummers. They were splendid.


And so the 2013 Festival of Sydney begins. No first night celebration in which the city becomes a giant concert venue, but a giant rubber ducky isn’t too poor a substitute.

2 responses to “Enter the Duck

  1. We look forward to playing with the rubber ducky, Jonathan. There’s been a smaller (though still oversized) model ducky floating on a pond in Amsterdam during last year. I assume it was the out of town try-out.


  2. When we see a HUGE baby on a pond in Amsterdam it will be time to prepare for a major apparition through the Heads


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