Sonnet No 10: At LAX

This one is self-explanatory.

Sonnet No 10: At LAX
We caught the shuttle at nine thirty
for our ten to midnight flight.
No surprise that we were shirty
when at ten to ten the bright
Los Angelene who took our cases
said, ‘Flight’s delayed till two.’ Our faces
dropped. Our bodies still on New
York time, knew two meant five, knew too
we had four hours to cool our heels in.
So here I sit in vacuum time.
I yearn for sleep and try to rhyme.
A quiet collective stupor steals in.
We read, snooze, stare, hit keys with thumbs.
The exterminating angel comes.

And I’m uploading it now courtesy of LAX’s free wifi, 4 minutes before boarding is meant to start. With any luck we’ll be home in 17 hours or so.

2 responses to “Sonnet No 10: At LAX

  1. I’m wreading (sic) your “floght” with Chaucerian intonation. Makes it sound as you must have felt at that oh so late hour in the City of Angels!

    I’m in Canberra – house-sitting elderly moggies – seeing friends from Japan and Inverell and Casula days and via literary exchanges and visiting The Arboretum, the National Museum of Australia – brilliant Indigenous galleries/layout – and the War Memorial! National Portrait Gallery, NGA yet to visit! Now raining outside – quite heavily. From touching on 40 degrees C yesterday – to-day where I am staying low range 20s! This Sunday I’ll be at Mascot Intl – heading up to Japan for two weeks! So home before X’mas!

    Welcome home to you both!


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