Art theft in Enmore

A little over a month ago, I noticed a suspicious looking object on the pedestrian island just out the front of our house. It looked like a discarded shoe, but not quite. On closer inspection it revealed itself to be a Will Coles sculpture.

IMG_1187In case you can’t quite read it, the text on the sole of this cement shoe is ‘forgotten’, making it an elegant addition to the scattering of cement objects in our suburbs reminding us of our fragility, and the fragility of our environment.

But ‘forgotten’ wasn’t meant to last. To tell the truth I’d forgotten all about it until a car collected the barriers on the island on the weekend. Only then did I notice that all that remained of the sculpture was a stark shoeprint:

shoeprintThe shoe was gone before the barrier was knocked down.The barrier will be replaced in a week or so. The sculpture is now a prized – and prised – possession of a private art collector.

2 responses to “Art theft in Enmore

  1. kathyprokhovnik

    There’s another ‘shoe’ next to the traffic lights near Enmore Park, as you approach the lights from the bus shelter. I would have dismissed it as a discarded shoe if I hadn’t read this, so thank you! Now, every shoe I see on the street has possible meaning.

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    • That’s so true, Kathy: Since becoming aware of Will Coles’s work, I’ve been looking differently at discarded bits of clothing, flattened drink cans and indeed all the normal detritus. There’s a silvery sculpture that looked like innards of a wine flagon inscribed ‘drink to get drunk’: the specimen at the lights on the corner of Edinburgh and Victoria has also been prised from its place


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