My AWW Year

This is my mandatory round-up post about the Australian Women Writers’ Challenge 2015. I think I undertook to read 10 books by Australian women writers. I read 21. It was not an ordeal.

• I read poetry, such poetry:

I read two stunning memoirs:

In My Mother’s Hands, Biff Ward

Reckoning, Magda Szubanski, as an audiobook read brilliantly by the author

• I read biography and recent history

Barbara Baynton: Between Two Worlds, Penne Hackforth-Jones

The Streets of Papunya, Vivien Johnson

• I read novels:

The Golden Age, Joan London

When the Night Comes, Favel Parrett

The Strays, Emily Bitto

The Soldier’s Wife, Pamela Hart

The Life of Houses, Lisa Gorton

Chasing Shadows, Leila Yusaf Chang

• I read a brilliant essay:

Quarterly Essay: Dear Life, Karen Hitchcock

• I read short works, including a book of short stories, components of Going Down Swinging‘s Long Box, and children’s books:

Go to Sleep Jessie, Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and the Present, Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

Bush Studies, Barbara Baynton

Thirteen Story Horse, Bridget Lutherburrow

News from a Radiant Future, Katherine Kruimink

Protein, Libbie Chellew

Its not as if I read these books just because they were written by women, but I doubt if I would have read them all if not for the challenge. My life is definitely richer for it.

I intend to sign up for the 2016 challenge. Of course.

10 responses to “My AWW Year

  1. kathyprokhovnik

    Interesting that you say you read some of them because of the challenge. How many books did you read by men?


  2. Of course! Love it, Jonathan. And what a great variety of reading you’ve done. My poetry reading has fallen off badly in the last year or so. You add significantly to the variety of works covered by our challenge so I thank you, and look forward to seeing you pop up again next year.


    • Thanks, Sue. After chasing statistics in response to Kathy (above), I went looking for my 2014 AWW figures, and see that I only read 11 books for the challenge that year. So clearly I’m getting in deeper.

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      • The deeper the better I say! Seriously though, it’s important to read what you want to read, and I think you do. If sometimes the challenge encourages us to choose one book we want to read over another we want to read because it fits the challenge, I see no problem with that. (Oh, and Happy New Year.)


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