November’s here

Aargh! It’s November already, which means that this blog has to produce 14 poems over the next 30 days, and apart from exceptional circumstances each poem has to be an Onegin stanza – that it, it has to have 14 lines with a strict rhyme scheme. As with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), quality isn’t at a premium, but I hope the poems make some minimum grade. I originally called this Local Sonnet Rhyming Month – LoSoRhyMo – and I’m keeping that as a tag, even though these poems aren’t strictly sonnets and the joke wore thin pretty fast anyhow. Here goes (click on the links if you need to know what’s being referred to):

November Verse 1: On the 8.37 M30
One scowls at three twits on a river
trip (ignore the dog). One nears
the end of stolen dreams, no shiver
breaks her calm. One boldly peers
into a mirror, lays on shadow.
One head-phones to a mate in Paddo.
Chernobyl monologues are my
companions – one long end-times cry.
Books, screens, mirror, phones connect to
friends imagined / absent / dead.
We laugh, weep, murmur, quake with dread
ignoring bodies that we’re next to.
Then off to work, school, shopping, play,
a hundred live friends missed today.

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