November verse 7

As one of my neighbours said, ‘The mean-spirited b***d didn’t get his moral victory.’

But it’s November so I’ve got to rhyme. Sorry, it’s not an Onegin stanza today, but once I had my first two lines I was committed (though I expect I’m not the only one to have them).

November verse 7: Yes, Today
To the tune of Lennon & McCartney’s ‘Yesterday
Yes, today.
Three-fifths of us voted yes today.
can marry ‘cos of yes, today.

things are less grim than they used to be.
Rainbow flags are flying fresh and free.
Oh yes today came certainly.

Such a nasty fight
such a blight
such hell to pay.
Then this massive vote.
I won’t gloat,
but it’s OK.

Yes, today.
Same-sex marriage is now on the way.
People aren’t as bad as pundits say.
Oh tears of joy for yes, today.

5 responses to “November verse 7

  1. Terrific decision – and so lovely to see the seat of Warringah 75% yes. I expect Tony Abbott will now be forced to marry Erica Betts! And I’m yet to hear which of the cake shops doesn’t want to create a SSM wedding cake. Apocryphal without doubt – the No voters’ Straw dog! “Yes, to-day…..”


  2. LOL your maths are a bit suss (60% = 3/5) but I am delighted too, though of course I would sooner have had 100% or nearer to it.
    I predict that wedding venues and caterers are going to have a very, very busy time of it, and if Gay Pride is any guide, there will be some splendid outfits being crafted all over the country. Will the Women’s Weekly and its ilk do photo spreads? I hope so!


    • Oops! Wishful thinking, plus I was stuck on the 80% turn-out. Now fixed. Yes, I imagine some no-warriors scouting the country for actual cake makers who fit their hypothetical


      • They’ll find them in the suburbs of western Sydney. It is disconcerting to see that not only are these suburbs apparently highly influential over our shameful refugee policy, it seems they are out of step with mainstream Australian liberal values.

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