Beautiful graffiti

I live very close to Enmore Park, a geometrically laid out green space that’s beautiful at this time of year. Here’s a little walk I took, along one of the diagonals, though a sandstone arch that’s a monument to colonial selfhood to the corner of the colonial-named Edinburgh Road and Victoria Road, and a reminder that colonisation is still alive and well and harsh.

One response to “Beautiful graffiti

  1. Beautiful and Tragic, both. Memorials to tragedy. I am impressed by your camera eye and for finding this reminder of young David Dungay. I am following the ugliness of another murder of a 19 y.o. Warlpiri lad last year in Yuendumu – Mr K. Walker – shot in the family home by NT police officer Rolfe – who has been suspended on full pay ever since – no remand prison (decision made via a phone call – not a court case) the ugliness of #BlackLivesMatter and #ICan’tBreathe and #BlackDeathsInCustody lives on until the message being sent is that police/gaolers cannot murder/torture/mistreat First Australians – with impunity. It’s got to stop!

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