November verse 2

No subject having presented itself to me for today’s stanza, I’ve fallen back on Shakespeare. This stanza uses the rhyme words from his Sonnet 37 (chosen at random), modified to meet the Onegin stanza’s requirements. After reading the Shakespeare, I had to go for a walk around the block before I could begin to find my own much more frivolous thoughts, but here goes, with illustrations.

November verse 2: Post-lockdown hair

You wouldn't say it's as delightful
as my unkempt mane in youth,
but call it straggly straw? Just spiteful.
Mynas like it, that's the truth,
and swooping magpies. And the witty
check-out girl at Supa City
called me Einstein. (We get more
than what we pay for at that store.)
Thanks to Covid I've been given
time to think. I once despised
unbarbered hair. Four months sufficed
to help me understand men who were living
back when they were thou and thee,
balding, crested white, like me.
2021. Photo by Penny Ryan

4 responses to “November verse 2

  1. Oh very good Jonathan. Loved every line. How do you DO it? How long did this take?

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  2. Thanks, Sue. Once I’d got the Shakespeare out of my head and was left with just the words, this took maybe an hour. But Shakespeare’s sonnet, which isn’t one I’m familiar with, has such strong, complex ideas about the relationship between older and younger people, that I really did have to decide forcefully not to go anywhere near his subject. In the end, maybe predictably, its ghost is still there.


  3. Haha, yes it is – just!

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  4. homageisnotafrenchword

    1971 photo by …?

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