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November Verse 4

No sooner had my last verse mentioned the joys of staying up all night than this happened. Please don’t read this as arguing that the solution to all problems is to call the police

November verse 4: When neighbours have a noisy party

I wake at two, hear thumping music,
sink back deep inside my dream
of old alarms. But meanwhile you stick
useless earplugs in, you scream
a silent (thank you!) scream, phone coppers:
Don't chase crime, be music-stoppers.
You pace, you read, drink water, weep:
the lads next door have murdered sleep.
And I snooze on, as some through warnings
scientists give on climate change,
through so much violence, so much strange
and deadly in our world. This morning
cops at last came, put things right.
Your vigil brought a silent night.