Daily Archives: 3 November 2022

November Verse 3

Another stanza about an incident from my week.

November verse 3: Ageing

She fell again today. No broken
bones this time, but something gave.
She called my phone, all calmly spoken:
‘Help. I’m stuck. Please come and drive
me home.’ No time for noes or maybes.
Growing old is not for babies.
Parkinson’s is crueller still.
We all go when we get a call.
Friends would once go dancing, singing,
up to usher in the dawn,
greet fate with our collective scorn.
But now time’s chariot comes winging,
we know when we face the gun
it’s one for all and all for one.

November Verse 2: Swimming with a two-year-old

It looks as if this year’s November verses are going to be diary entries.

November verse 2: Swimming with a two-year-old

He pushes me, says, 'Go way, Poppa!'
If I go away he'll drown.
Still, I obey. It's only proper.
Kicking, flailing, he goes down
then back up in my arms and grinning,
safe, a little shaken – winning.
Sister swims, so he will too:
skip the learning, let's just do!
The class begins: a different story.
Ring a rosy, crocodile,
wobble wobble, throw the ball:
each game a challenge, fun or scary.
Splash! We laugh and cry. We play.
We learn, it seems, just by-the-way.