November Verse 2: Swimming with a two-year-old

It looks as if this year’s November verses are going to be diary entries.

November verse 2: Swimming with a two-year-old

He pushes me, says, 'Go way, Poppa!'
If I go away he'll drown.
Still, I obey. It's only proper.
Kicking, flailing, he goes down
then back up in my arms and grinning,
safe, a little shaken – winning.
Sister swims, so he will too:
skip the learning, let's just do!
The class begins: a different story.
Ring a rosy, crocodile,
wobble wobble, throw the ball:
each game a challenge, fun or scary.
Splash! We laugh and cry. We play.
We learn, it seems, just by-the-way.

7 responses to “November Verse 2: Swimming with a two-year-old

  1. Love it Jonathan. What a gorgeous boy


  2. True learning – by engagement – as-if-by-chance – during play – enjoyment!


    • Thanks Jim. I’m glad my meaning managed to get through!


      • Sparklingly through! With enjoyment, with laughter, with challenges thrown in – how could one NOT learn. It doesn’t need tests and exams to prove real learning – its what is so fundamentally out-of-whack with contemporary and formal education – NAPLAN? HSC? Next week’s math(s) quiz? When the results are totted up and learners are ranked – learning becomes a chore – it becomes something hard. Your little grandson will be swimming before he realises it – and in fact is far too young to ever have a conscious memory of having done so! I recall having to front up to Apple (Sydney City and Charlestown [Newcastle way]) in order to learn how to use my laptop. There were no tests. In fact I was the one who had to manage the matter. Okay – Find the icon indicating “X”. Icon – a Greek Orthodox image – where would I find that…No, no – there is a small “pictograph” it looks like… – Yes, that’s one of a number of icons. Now click on that! Right?!! (wonder in my voice and on my face)! Close that! And I was on my way… No tests! I was not being ranked against others – at my own pace! (And all against myself – what I didn’t know yesterday – what I was now doing to-day – and my goodness – what I might be able to do to-morrow!)

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  3. Anne Bell Knight

    Been there, done on with the rest of life.Love it..some joy for this uneasy old world..Thank you both.


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