The corner shop: swish doors

This isn’t one of those paintings that looks as if it’s just a white canvas but turns out to be covered with tiny Arabic characters or the like. It’s a much poorer thing: a photograph by way of progress report on our corner shop that has been in the making for a very long time.

I noticed on my walk yesterday that the ply panels in the doors, which functioned as a chat board of sorts for while, allowing people to argue the merits of the mermaid and various bread suppliers, to exclaim about desirability of having coffee on our corner, those panels have been replaced by glass. And the glass, backed by white paper to hide the shop’s interior, is etched with a design whose mechanico-Victoriana lines echo the painted wall that an unphotographed sneak preview revealed to your blogger some time back.


So, we have glass in the door. Can opening day be far behind?

Stay tuned.

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