Diana Wynne Jones is very ill

Just in case there’s a Diana Wynne Jones fan who reads this and hasn’t heard from elsewhere: this most wonderful of fantasy writers has cancer and has chosen to stop chemotherapy treatment and may have only months to live.

If you send her an email message (‘no questions please’) at <meredithxyz at googlemail dot com> it will be printed out and posted to her. I have this news from Kate Nepveu at Tor’s blog, who had it from Ansible and a DWJ fan site.

6 responses to “Diana Wynne Jones is very ill

  1. I feel terrible I didn’t tell you. J x


  2. I’ve done so already. Have you heard anything new?


  3. No, Victoria. I haven’t heard anything.


  4. There seems to be good news. See Robin McKinley’s blog at http://robinmckinleysblog.com/2010/09/23/fame-sort-of/: ‘She’s doing enormously better than the medical establishment, in its somewhat less than total wisdom and foresight, predicted, but she’s still a bit frail [and writing].’


  5. Thanks so much for posting that, Jonathan! It was a blast to read the blog and wonderful to hear she’s doing better.


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