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Sad news

I notice that my note from last June about Diana Wynne Jones’s illness has risen to the top of my ‘Top Posts’ list over on the right. I assume people are coming here to learn something of her death on the weekend. For anyone who has come for that purpose,  some links:

The Diana Wynne Jones Official Website
Neil Gaiman: Being Alive. Mostly about Diana
Misrule: Saying Goodbye to Diana
Emma Bull on tor.com: Remembering Diana Wynne Jones
Farah Mendlesohn, also on tor.com: Diana Wynne Jones
Christopher Priest in The Guardian:  Diana Wynne Jones obituary

No doubt there are others. The Australian newspapers may mention it, but don’t hold your breath – she’s not a sports star or an obscure US politician. In 1973 it took the Sydney Morning Herald weeks if not months to mention the death of Francis Webb, a great poet who had spent his last decades living in Sydney.

Diana Wynne Jones is very ill

Just in case there’s a Diana Wynne Jones fan who reads this and hasn’t heard from elsewhere: this most wonderful of fantasy writers has cancer and has chosen to stop chemotherapy treatment and may have only months to live.

If you send her an email message (‘no questions please’) at <meredithxyz at googlemail dot com> it will be printed out and posted to her. I have this news from Kate Nepveu at Tor’s blog, who had it from Ansible and a DWJ fan site.