Daily Archives: 5 August 2010

Tobacco and greed

I’ve just sent an email to info@australianretailers.com.au with the subject heading ‘Your ad in today’s Sydney Morning Herald’:

I would appreciate a full listing of the stores you claim to represent so that I can ask the ones I shop at whether they have contributed to the ad in any way, and whether they support its blatantly putting a priority on profits from the sale of tobacco products rather than the health of children. I will then decide whether to continue to shop there.

Thank you

In case you missed it, the full-page ad in question claims not to be questioning the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, but to see the government proposal to mandate plain packaging for cigarettes as ‘the last straw’ in excessive regulation. If you have the stomach for it, you can download the ad open letter as a PDF.

I’ll keep you posted.