Cheap at a fraction of the price

Having got as much of my work done today as I could manage I listened to a Guardian podcast, which mentioned that Seamus Heaney has a new book out, and it’s topping  the best seller lists in the UK. I went browsing to see if it’s available in Australia. One bookshop says it will be here 14 September, but they all agree you can’t buy it in Australia yet. Mostly prices are around the $30 mark. The Co-op Bookshop offered this spectacular anti-bargain:

Not only free delivery, but also a members’ discount $54.55. Who could resist?

4 responses to “Cheap at a fraction of the price

  1. Or Amazon can send it today for $30AUS!
    Stuff you, Australian booksellers. Why would I shop online Borders for twice the price when I can starve the local book industry for half the price?


  2. It’s a dilemma, franzy! I’m waiting for Gleebooks to get it in for $32 in a couple of weeks. But then, maybe the Co-op Bookshop needs a hand.


  3. It looks pretty bad, doesn’t it. I called the publisher to see why the price was so high, and it’s because this is the signed, limited edition.
    The regular version’s at the Co-op for a more affordable $29.99, or $27.29 for members –

    Glad to have found your blog, by the way.

    (and in the interests of full disclosure I do work for the Co-op)


  4. Thanks for following that up, John. To tell the truth I imagined it was a misprint that would be remedied within days, and was just having a bit of fun. And thanks for word that the book is now in stock.


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