Coming soon to ABC on the web

An exciting bookmark: Re-enchantment, coming soon to (the link isn’t dead, it’s just not live yet). It’s an interactive documentary about the hidden world of fairytales by Sarah Gibson. If you haven’t heard about it before, you heard about it first here.

2 responses to “Coming soon to ABC on the web

  1. Now this looks exciting. I am (finally!) reading AS Byatt’s The Children’s Book, which is about fairytales, among other things, and it’s made me more interested in them again. Joyce Carol Oates has written some for adults too.


    • An unfinished version was on show at UTS one evening last year, M-H, complete with many technical hitches. It’s beautifully designed, and I don’t know that I’ve seen anything that invites participation in quite the same way – though of course I know almost nothing about online games.


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