Faruk Akbas’ Fethiye

Faruk Akbas (photographer) and John Laughland, Fethiye: Faces and Places (Fujifilm Türkiye 2004)

20120629-124500.jpg I was waiting for my solitary lunch in a gozleme place at the foot of the hill of Kayaköy, when the smiling proprietor–waiter placed a dog-eared copy of this book on the table. I guess it’s aimed at the tourist market but it’s a superior specimen of the genre: fabulous photos of faces, beaches, markets, poppy fields (for the pharmaceutical market), hang gliders, abandoned stone houses, food … and a text that has occasional unevenness of tone, but brims with an English expat’s affection and respect for his adopted home. It’s one of those books that helps you see the world. I particularly liked the poem about the forced emigration, in which an old person remembers the cries of the thousands of cats the villagers were forced to abandon.

I expect, sadly, that few of my readers will actually clap eyes on this book. However, for some graphic details of the Kayaköy story you could do better than have a look at Anthony’s comment on this blog a couple of days ago.

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