The Apology, conclusion

At last we reach the end: it was a 43 minute press conference (click here for video) and a 23 stanza, 184 line poem (click for part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4).

He ends with some denials. ‘I’ve never ever
called a person bitch. It’s not my lingo
(I just read out letters). And I’ve never
likewise called her liar. It’s a thing, though,
the way she promises no tax forever,
she says East Timor, then Malaysia. Ringo
changed his tune less often. Fuel watch!
Liar’s an awful word, but she’s a botch.

‘I didn’t say that women are destroying
the joint – I know it’s on the tape like that,
but I meant just some women. It’s annoying:
I defend them, fund them, I go in to bat
for women ‘cos they don’t waste time enjoying
red wine and cigars at lunch. My hat
is tipped to tough ones who excel in arts.
I don’t despise their gender, just some parts.

‘I’m here to face the music, clear the air
in person, not on paper. Them that flogs
their products on my show will see I’m fair.
I thank you all for coming. Go the Dogs!’

Go, not so little poem, to Lord knows where,
but first to readers’ eyes by way of blogs.
It’s Jones who speaks in almost every line:
The words that do not please are surely mine.


2 responses to “The Apology, conclusion

  1. Tried to watch Q&A this evening – but as soon as Sophie M. opened her mouth I couldn’t stand the smug sanctimony and switched off – but before that some excellent words from other panellists! And so it’s not only women who applaud the words of Julia GILLARD in the House re misogyny/sexism! Many men (thinking of their wives and mothers – of daughters/god-daughters – nieces and friends/students – of a good 50%+ of humanity – and of that little girl targeted by the Taliban) also applaud the sentiments! Your versification of the Alan JONES saga is, I think – fair to the man’s attempt to extricate himself from appalling hubris – maybe it will be the making of him – and might lead others to a bit of humble pie! I do not think you have shovelled anything on him – just allowed his back-pedalling to speak for itself! Bravo, Jonathan.


  2. “maybe it will be the making of him”!
    A nice thought, Jim. I’m happy to have a handfu of readers get some pleasure from it. It was great fun to write.


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