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Sonnet #10: From the Sydney Morning Herald

Today’s post is all about keeping up my sonnet quota. I don’t think this can really claim to be a sonnet. It’s probably not even verse, but here it is anyhow:

Sonnet 10: From today’s Sydney Morning Herald
Gillard walks in Howard’s footprints.
Palmer has a life-sized T-rex.
Smith rants, ignores the judge’s hints.
Karzai doesn’t care what he wrecks.
Benedict says, ‘Keep the ox.’
Elmo’s voice no longer rocks.
Refugees are sent to limbo
like crimes’ victims. Arms akimbo,
Libs urge nuclear rethink.
Punchbowl boys grow mos for cancer.
Nauru camp is not the answer.
Congo teeters on the brink.
Page fourteen, Israel–Gaza war:
five to one-three-nine the score.