Daily Archives: 30 November 2012

Sonnet #14: So many books

The best-of-2012 lists are starting to appear. The New York Times has published their 100 Notable Books. I’ve read only two of them, a novel and a memoir. So, for my 14th and last sonnet of the month:

Sonnet 14: So many books
So many books, so little life
still left. Some say they wake at three
and lose themselves in mental strife.
Not I. The darkest hours are free
from interruptions: time to read
a knotty verse, a learned screed,
a chapter that will make me weep.
Alas, I soon go back to sleep.
Too little life, too many pages:
War and Peace, The Iliad,
A la recherche, Upanishad.
I’ll have to suffer grief’s five stages:
though I clock fifty books a year
I still may never read Jane Eyre.