Daily Archives: 15 November 2012

Sonnet #6: Done in ten minutes

I’m supposed to get a sonnet up every second day in November. So here’s teh 6th one as a matter of urgency:

Sonnet 6:
A sonnet’s due, but there’s no time
to think about it. Here it is.
I’ll do my best to give it rhyme
but as for reason, let it fizz.
There’s so much else to do this week,
my versifying’s up the creek
and so this one gets just ten mins
from go to whoa, wastepaper bins
are free of first drafts. Go, wee verse,
fulfil my pressing sonnet quota.
Don’t linger, loiter, trail your coat or
ask to be revised, or worse.
I see the last line coming there,
and now it’s done, ten secs to spare.

And it’s back to work for me!