Sonnet #6: Done in ten minutes

I’m supposed to get a sonnet up every second day in November. So here’s teh 6th one as a matter of urgency:

Sonnet 6:
A sonnet’s due, but there’s no time
to think about it. Here it is.
I’ll do my best to give it rhyme
but as for reason, let it fizz.
There’s so much else to do this week,
my versifying’s up the creek
and so this one gets just ten mins
from go to whoa, wastepaper bins
are free of first drafts. Go, wee verse,
fulfil my pressing sonnet quota.
Don’t linger, loiter, trail your coat or
ask to be revised, or worse.
I see the last line coming there,
and now it’s done, ten secs to spare.

And it’s back to work for me!

10 responses to “Sonnet #6: Done in ten minutes

  1. It would take me more than ten minutes to think up a comment worthy of this post. So I’ll just say, ‘Keep them coming!’


  2. Ditto to Richard.


  3. On a slight downhill pathway while walking the 1200 km+ 88-temple pilgrimage route around the island of Shikoku – I could – back-pack and heavy boots withal – maintain six-kilometres an hour – the time you took to dash of this sonnet – and I could feel the wind brushing past my face as I raced headlong to your final line – at which point I breathed out! Bravo!


  4. i.e. ten minutes per kilometre I intended to state –


  5. I had my speed up – it overtook my thinking!


  6. Not sure how to respond/send to your Reading & Watching column – just wanted to say that Matt PEACOCK has a piece in the Blacktown Sun to-day – re “Devil’s Dust”! Reference to Tony ABBOTT calling one of Bernie BANTON’s attempts – not long before his death – a “stunt:! Forced to apologise! I didn’t know that HOWARD was similarly caught out? No wonder they lost the election shortly afterwards – on top of everything else!


  7. Walking? Simon Winchester’s ‘Korea’.
    How about one to expand on the paddling motif, to evoke Paul Theroux’s ‘The Happy Isles of Oceania’? (You do have a paddle, don’t you, Jon?)
    Which will bring up images of Louis Theroux poking his oar into all kinds of sticky places.
    (ps, good decision to turn off the spell-checker, that plug-in would’ve cost an extra 12 secs.)


  8. Love it! Made me laugh.


  9. Thanks for commenting, all.
    Jim: I like the idea of a 10 minute sonnet being for the brain what 10 minutes’ brisk walk is for the whole person. I may have misremembered – I know Abbott talked about Banton pulling a stunt, and maybe I made up the other. I don’t thing I’ve harmed the reputation of either man.
    Trevor: I haven’t read any Louis Theroux. Should I? In honour of your comment I’ll leave teh (sic) typo in place,.


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