Daily Archives: 16 November 2013

Sonnet 6: Friday night TV

November is disappearing fast and the sonnets are coming slow, so a night on the couch in front of the box can’t go to waste.

Sonnet 6: Friday night on the box
Auction Room with Scottish Gordon
Juanita tells of child porn bust
and crooked Christmas Island warden,
and Tony still expecting trust.
After Sinabung’s eruption
Quentin shouts about corruption.
Stephen and his boys play bright.
Jack and Phryne put things right.
Serangoon Road has been too clunky
so we watch week-old New Tricks
for Sandra’s swan song – what a fix!
Ten-thirty – I’m no TV junky.
iView Luther? Nah! Instead
it’s time to read a book in bed.