Daily Archives: 26 November 2013

Sonnet 11: How I got a new tool

If I remember correctly the French for ‘crash’ in the context of computers is naufrager, which is also the word used when a ship wrecks.

Sonnet 11: How I got a new toy tool
Some virtual reef sank my computer
as it steamed on through the night.
Its kernel panic wasn’t cute or
pretty, nor its owner’s fright.
But I’d backed up, so very little
work was lost – two jots, one tittle.
I took it to a man in red,
who said the audio card was dead.
A woman in red T-shirt, Uppy,
charming smile, discreet tattoos,
helped dissipate my first-world blues.
Though I’m too old to be a yuppy
my heart leapt up when I did hold
a shiny new Mac, bought and sold.

The computer that died has featured in this blog at least once before. It survived four years after the disaster that befell it shortly before this photo was taken, and was already of a certain age then, so I guess it’s had a good innings.