Daily Archives: 15 November 2013

Sonnet 5: An exhibition

The opening on Wednesday night was fun, and the exhibition will be open for business at 51 Darling Street Balmain until 24 November, 11 to 6 Thursday to Sunday.

For those who came in late, the exhibition features work by three emerging older women artists: a narrative series by Penny Ryan about her mother and ASIO; exuberant work – mainly prints – by Janet Kossy that makes me think of Weimar art, only joyful; and delicate drawings by Charlie Aarons that reference Morandi‘s still lifes and traditional Kiribati designs.

Some men grow alarmingly sleazy moustaches in November. I do rhyme:

Sonnet 5: An exhibition
John Berger said, ‘Original paintings
are still and silent in a sense
that information [to explain things]
never is.’ Here’s my five cents:
that’s also true of prints and drawings,
whose lines are movement lashed to moorings.
Now frozen, mute, hung on the wall
of Darling Street’s Oddfellows Hall
are rage, desire, despair, compassion,
a mother’s joy, a daughter’s pain,
a moment freed from rat-race strain,
three days to hang, lifetimes to fashion.
We stroll around, we come, we go:
it’s just a little pop-up show.


Photo by Penny Ryan