Sonnet 5: An exhibition

The opening on Wednesday night was fun, and the exhibition will be open for business at 51 Darling Street Balmain until 24 November, 11 to 6 Thursday to Sunday.

For those who came in late, the exhibition features work by three emerging older women artists: a narrative series by Penny Ryan about her mother and ASIO; exuberant work – mainly prints – by Janet Kossy that makes me think of Weimar art, only joyful; and delicate drawings by Charlie Aarons that reference Morandi‘s still lifes and traditional Kiribati designs.

Some men grow alarmingly sleazy moustaches in November. I do rhyme:

Sonnet 5: An exhibition
John Berger said, ‘Original paintings
are still and silent in a sense
that information [to explain things]
never is.’ Here’s my five cents:
that’s also true of prints and drawings,
whose lines are movement lashed to moorings.
Now frozen, mute, hung on the wall
of Darling Street’s Oddfellows Hall
are rage, desire, despair, compassion,
a mother’s joy, a daughter’s pain,
a moment freed from rat-race strain,
three days to hang, lifetimes to fashion.
We stroll around, we come, we go:
it’s just a little pop-up show.


Photo by Penny Ryan

8 responses to “Sonnet 5: An exhibition

  1. Very well done, both Jonathan and artists.


  2. How timely – will be in Sydney this week-end – will come along some time Saturday! The Oddfellows Hall in Darling Street, Balmain! That and the “American Art” at NSW AG – book-ends of sorts.


  3. Can we see more pictures of the pictures? Your sonnet captures much of the emotion in the show…but the visuals remain obscure to those of us forced to observe from a distance. Looks like the Art Student has headed in some new directions since I last saw her work.


  4. Jim: Do drop in – it would be good to meet you, at least for the AS to meet you, as I’m sadly going to be elsewhere in Saturday afternoon.
    Will: I’m sorry about the lack of visuals. We’re having some proper photos taken on Monday, and had cards printed of five of the images, and a picture book, which is pretty much where it began. Some kind of realia will be heading your way , depending on what the AS considers worthy.


  5. We will try and get there as well. Is it Art Show Season? We went to another opening last night.


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