Daily Archives: 19 November 2019

November verse 8:

Mostly in a sauna it’s 15 minutes of relative silence. Occasionally someone talks virtually without interruption for the whole time, sometimes with a slightly creepy edge to it..

November verse 8: Monologue in the sauna
My friends these days are all eclectic,
gay, straight, bi and trans,
younger than me. I've a hectic
lifestyle. I raged at a dance
party until three this morning
(I'm here to sweat it out, sauna-ing),
another one till three tonight.
At 50, some say that's not right.
I don't like my own generation,
married, settled, one-track minds:
school and soccer, notes they've signed.
I long for sweet asphyxiation.
And you, you're married? Husband, wife?
Grandchild? What a wasted life.