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November verse 9: Sauna soliloquy continued

Yesterday’s stanza (November verse 8) covered a tiny part of a one -sided conversation in a sauna in Newtown. Here’s another tiny part, with some inventions and alterations for the sake of rhyme and metre.

November verse 9: Sauna soliloquy (continued)
Newtown: students and their tutors
protest, join the Student Strikes!
Activists on their computers
save the whales by riding bikes.
Feminazi hashtag metoo.
Greens cause fires by burn-off veto.
Sorry, politics! Let's just sweat.
I've got to do five minutes yet.
I've decided not to marry
unless the right one comes along
or better, two – tell me I'm wrong.
Happy, that's me, just like Larry.
Newtown's where I'm born and bred.
I could try Adelaide instead.