November verse 12: Waiting for the NBN technician

November verse 12: Waiting for the NBN technician
at my son's newly purchased (but not new) flat
It worked for two weeks then it didn't,
so he called his ISP.
Now he's at work but he was bidden
be here between eight and three* 
today to meet their roving techie
when they come to have a recce
and with any luck repair
the fault that's kept him off the air,
so here I sit, just waiting, waiting,
all else cancelled, in his flat
surrounded by his life still packed
in cardboard boxes, meditating,
making rhymes. Outside, the wind
raged like a god avenging sin.**

* They actually said between 10 and 12, but you know, rhyme! And then at 12, when my son called TPG – remember that company name – they said that for technical reasons which they didn’t disclose the technician wasn’t going to come. Evidently this technical reason didn’t turn up until it was too late to text my son as promised and save me a couple of hours twiddling my thumbs.

** I changed the last two lines when I heard on the news that the wind I had observed had cause enormous destruction i other parts of town.

2 responses to “November verse 12: Waiting for the NBN technician

  1. The only thing I will remember, Jonathan, is the lying of TPG.

    Here too buffeted by winds – hoping for the change to move up from the south!


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