November verse 11: Prepping

November verse 11:  On the eve of a colonoscopy

Remember when examinations
meant you burned the midnight oil?
Tomorrow's test needs preparations
physical – not mental toil.
A liquid diet, no food that's solid,
and pico/glyco prep. The squalid
details of what happens next
I'll spare the reader of this text.
But I'm not spared. Today my body
puts its workings centre stage
and just won't tolerate delays.
I can't go out. I must be ready.
'Watery' just isn't it.
I'd die for a banana split.

Maybe this will turn out to be the first half of a story.

9 responses to “November verse 11: Prepping

  1. kathyprokhovnik

    Wishing you well tomorrow Jonathan xx

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  2. Hope it goes well

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  3. You’ll be fine! To save embarrassment – just know you’ll be counting down from 10 and maybe reach seven or six then remember nothing at all – till awake and it’s time for a cuppa – a bikkie? (Been there done that!) Start planning for the celebratory post-colo verse!)

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  4. I never even knew that was possible! But better than undergoing anaesthetic given its association with aspects of dementia onset… Brave Man. The report then should be quite interesting!


    • Apparently it’s the norm in the UK. My surgeon was discouraging last time but it really did turn out to be much less arduous than the previous, first one when I was given the standard sedative


  5. Haha! You’ve gotta love a poem with that title! Hope it all went well. I found the anaesthetic awful as well – very depressing afterwards. Keep the poems coming! xxx

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    • It went well. They let me be conscious but gave me a sedative to suppress the gag reflex (necessary) and make me forget (surely not necessary) so I’ve no memory of the endoscopy at all. The colonoscopy, according to the report, had some problems but I was wide awake and ‘tolerated it well’ while watching my innards on the screen


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