November verse 20: Approximately fourteen ways to start a stanza

I’ve well surpassed my quota of 14 stanzas for this November but, though I’m being called to attend to pressing matters involving the vacuum cleaner, storage shelves and other important things, I’m squeezing in one more to make it a round twenty:

November verse 20: Approximately
fourteen ways to start a stanza
Take a phrase that makes you cranky,
melts your heart, or stirs your mirth,
from politician being wanky
or tweeter somewhere else on earth.
Steal the first words of a novel.
Quote a tiny friend's sweet waffle.
Parody a famous line
from Hamlet or source less divine.
See dead words that serve transactions –
shake them, turn them upside down.
Lay bare your heart and find a noun
or verb that lurks there. Let distractions
be your helpers. Take a thought
and tie it in an eight-word knot. 

That’s it for 2020. Normal transmission will resume tomorrow.

4 responses to “November verse 20: Approximately fourteen ways to start a stanza

  1. kathyprokhovnik

    Thanks for all 20 verses Jonathan. Diverting, inspiring, astute. Some were laugh out loud. Only one made me avert my eyes.

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  2. I love November. Do more poetry throughout the year?? xx

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  3. Anne Bell Knight

    Couldn’t we just have a sometimes teensy teensy poem throughout the year?I found the one to the not-quite three person strangely comforting in this
    disturbing time….I have family in America and Holland..Thank you for that normal conversation.! Anne

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