November Verse 5: Active Seniors

This happens every Tuesday, though the musical accompaniment is usually Latin disco rather than Glee.

November verse 5: At the Active Seniors Class

Meek we are, like lambs to slaughter –
not for killing, nor still young.
Lead us on, we say, no quarter,
keep us active, though we're bung.
A back, a knee, a frozen shoulder,
nameless aches from growing older,
long in tooth and short of breath:
we've miles to go before our death.
'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger':
that's the soundtrack as we squat,
lunge, lift weights, tighten cores, get hot
and sweaty. Can we last much longer?
Then it's stretches, brief applause,
and back to life outside those doors

2 responses to “November Verse 5: Active Seniors

  1. Love November for these sonnets! Xxx

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  2. Thanks, J. A favourite of mine, Antigone! I’ve bought a copy of the book!

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